Types of Services in Massage Online

Jakarta massage serving clients online through the official web of massage Jakarta. Any client that wants to use the massage services jakarta can make calls to the residence they are good hotels, apartments, or dikediaman.

Types of Services in Massage Online

Types of massage services Online Jakarta

Types of Services in Massage Online, we make relaxation and massage easier to come home and call online ways, namely Massage Online. We are the first pioneers of Web site-based businesses, no need to leave the house, they come anytime unlimited 24 times when you need services massage. For those of you who want to know what types of services provided by this Massage Online, the types of services that are available to us are very numerous and handled by individuals and massage businesses in a professional manner for the satisfaction of customers, in our Massage Online before doing and coming for calls, customers will be given good personal direction and training and have passed interviews and background checks and have no criminal records, trained in our training center at the Massage Online office with the best quality, after graduation and ready for training the Massage partner Online we are just waiting for the orders of the customer. Our guarantee is a satisfying service with professional partners, so don't ever hesitate to use our services. Please visit us immediately or contact us directly now to get an extraordinary massage from us. There are several types of Massage Online that you can get from us.

What Are Our Services Massage Online?

Pamper yourself with a full body massage using massage oil to relax stiff muscles and improve blood circulation and relieve body aches

  • Full body Massage + Scrub

Add pores and soften your body skin with a scrub combined with the pleasure of full body massage

  • Full Body Massage + Face Acupressure

The combination of massage and emphasis on your face's Meridien points will make blood to the face smoother and more radiant faces

  • Full Body Massage + Kerokan

Relieve colds and provide relaxation for the body with special scrapers and warm wind oil and continue full body massage

  • Light Massage + Ful Face Acupressure

Give freshness to your face through a full-blooded face and a yawning mask that brightens the skin. Combined with massage on the shoulders of the hands and feet

  • High massage + Scraping

Relieve colds with special tools and warm wind oil and continue with massage on the back and legs

  • Light massage + Reflexology

Restores the freshness of the body with emphasis on the foot reflection point, which is combined with a light massage in the hands, back and head with or without oil. Those are some reflexology from our Massage Online. You will certainly feel a very extraordinary sensation after getting a professional massage from us. We have served several members from various regions in Indonesia, and their responses are quite good so that makes us more enthusiastic to provide better service.


We are profesional massage jakarta not escort agency.





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