Smart Tips Before Enjoying Jakarta Massage

Recognize and know the kinds of massages will be critical to ensure this type of massage therapy that is right for your body. With the right massage will be helpful for the health of your body.

Smart Tips Before Enjoying Jakarta Massage

Smart Tips Before Enjoying Jakarta Massage

Although massage is popular, not a few people are still hesitant to massage. Some of them are due to a lack of knowledge about the benefits and types of massage that are suitable for them. Massage is not all painful. Therefore, it is important to know the tips before the massage, namely:

Know the type of massage

Not a few people are afraid of massage for reasons of feeling sick. Though the pain can not appear at all if you know the type of massage that suits your needs. So, when you want to massage, do not hesitate to ask the therapist about what type of massage suits your needs or needs. For example, do you want to be massaged with hard or soft pressure?

Take a shower before the massage

Bathing before a massage can provide maximum massage results. Especially for those of you who after a day of work. This is because dust or sweat attached to the body will cause dirty and aggravated because it will seep into the pores. If this happens, it can inhibit the absorption of essential oils used in massage, especially for certain types of massage.

Knowing the history of the disease

If you have a history of certain diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, you are advised to consult a doctor first. This is done for good because improper massage can worsen the disease. But you don't worry, because besides communicative and friendly, our call massage staff are very experienced in all types of massage. So it's safe and comfortable of course.

What Types of Massage Do We Offer?

Massage has many types. Each type has a positive impact that is very good for health, even beauty. We are very concerned about both of these things, both health and beauty. Therefore, we offer Jakarta outcall massage services that are present in a variety of massage options, including:

Indonesia Tradisional Massage

Relaxing the muscle for relieves auto tension. Improving circulation blood your body. This massage almost the same like javanesse & balinesse massage, it just the different is start strecthing from leg until massage oil.


Relaxation massage with aromatic oil sensation to restore the freshness of the body & mind, bring back your energy stamina.


Making sleeping baby long, Increase the baby feeding frequency, Increase baby appetite, and practice baby for relaxasasi.


Every skin need external treatments like body mask to maintain tighten your skin elastic.


Cleanse your whole entire body skin. Good for your skin treatments.


Provide nutrients on your face that works to moisturize the skin, remove excess oil, tighten skin pores also gradually eliminate dark spots.


Relax your face make smooth the muscles & smear on the face, Reduce the feeling of migraine, prevent wrinkles of premature aging, rejuvenate of your skin.


If Shiatsu comes from Japan, then reflexology comes from China. This massage is done by hand along with other unique objects, such as rubber, wood, or plastic. Our massagers have knowledge of human nerve points, especially on the palms and feet.
So, our therapist will immediately find out about health problems or diseases that are experienced by one of your organs by doing a massage on the legs. This massage is one of the popular massages because besides being able to know and as a variety of common diseases, such as digestion and heart, reflexology is also believed to be able to overcome fertility problems.

Some Massage Service Jakarta You Must Try

You might think all the massage therapists do is the same. But you're wrong, because the reality is not so. Many service providers offer massage and gives a sloppy massage services, such as massage therapists delinquency plus with teasing. Even many massage therapists without provided the right skills and experience. You should be careful to use the massage services. Contact us now for a real massage!


We are profesional massage jakarta not escort agency.





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