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  • Aromatic massage
  • Indonesia Tradisional Massage (soft&medium)
  • Indonesia Tradisional Massage (strong)
  • Balinese massage
  • Full body massage Natural
  • Body massage theraphy Kinasih Massages
  • Sport massage Combination
  • Baby Soft Massage(soft)
  • Body scrubs (Dry&wet)
  • Body mask
  • Foot reflection
  • Face Massage Accupressure
  • Face mask
  • Ear candle
  • Compress herbal massage

Packet massage A: Massage& Face massage & Ear candle
Packet massage B: Massage & Body scrub & Body mask
Packet massage C: Massage & Face msg & Body scrub 

Indonesia Tradisional Massage

Relaxing the muscle for relieves auto tension. Improving circulation blood your body. This massage almost the same like javanesse & balinesse massage, it just the different is start strecthing from leg until massage oil.

Aromatic Massage

Relaxation massage with aromatic oil sensation to restore the freshness of the body & mind, bring back your energy stamina.

Baby Soft Massage

Making sleeping baby long, Increase the baby feeding frequency, Increase baby appetite, and practice baby for relaxasasi.

Body Mask

Every skin need external treatments like body mask to maintain tighten your skin elastic.

Body Scrub

Cleanse your whole entire body skin. Good for your skin treatments.

Face Mask

Provide nutrients on your face that works to moisturize the skin, remove excess oil, tighten skin pores also gradually eliminate dark spots. Benefits of face mask treatment are prevent black spots as early as possible, tighten facial skin. It would be better if the choice of mask is suitable for all skin types. From normal,oily,combination, dry skin. More recommended for woman to choose the type of natural mask products. Because woman's skin is more likely to be thin and sensitive then man.

Face Massage

Relax your face make smooth the muscles & smear on the face, Reduce the feeling of migraine, prevent wrinkles of premature aging, rejuvenate of your skin.

Sport massage

This type of massage includes hard. Not for beginners massage. More prone to activities after exercise.

Full body massage

This type of massage is almost the same as tradisional massage. Almost the same like basic technical movement. Start from foot,body and shoulder.

Body massage theraphy

The type of massage is more intended for the body part also increases hormonal.The initial movement of the technique begins from the body to the foot as well as thighs. Ends with good massage oil lubrication. Be better with special warm oil.

Combine massage

This type of massage is categorized as hard mix medium mix soft. Variation massage.
This massage technique is intended to provide strong pressure from the base of heating.
Followed by the intermediate engineering movement. Ended with a gentle movement to eliminate the strong pressure from the basic hard technique.

Foot reflection

This type of massage is only for the legs until the leg calves. Many people know it better as reflection. Good reflection does not use blunt tools or blunt wood to give hard pressure to your feet. It is advisable to use therapist's fingers that are experts in the field of reflection. Looks trivial, only legs? But the foot has many important fine nerve.

Face massage

This face massage is good for man and woman. From the start of the movement intended to provide pressure points to reduce migraines, prevent premature wrinkles, reduce fatigue face. Intended to refresh the face that is more often stress or migraine.

Ear candle

This ear theraphy by giving warm smoke to your ear, which is burned from special therapeutic ear candles. Function is to clean the ear from dirt as well as toxins.


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